Mario Chavero


A big guy. Literal.

One day, a “dedicated” law student who managed to pass four subjects in three years decided to make a significant change in his life, which would lead to unpredictable consequences. He donned his cowboy hat and rode off to Texas to pursue studies in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. After five and a half years of the American dream, he returned to his hometown to see what would happen next. A few months working at a small advertising agency led to greater challenges at multinational companies like Sony Pictures, AXN, and LG Electronics.

Yet, he missed the trenches and ventured into a small advertising agency with little recognition but tremendous potential. Soon, that agency grew larger and larger, bringing on clients such as Motorola, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Sony Pictures, FedEx, Palm, Seguros Santa Lucía, MCC, and Philips. But one day, that seasoned cowboy decided to forge his own path. Occasionally, the “promising” lawyer still wonders what would have become of him if the cowboy hadn’t crossed his path. The cowboy looks at him disdainfully and continues riding on.