Ricardo Sánchez


From Toledo to heaven

Several years have passed since, with a denim backpack that even then was considered “from the eighties,” he arrived from the ancient city of Toledo to the bustling city of Madrid to pursue two degrees. He chose not to abandon – and thus could keep in the drawer of beautiful things – what he truly loved. This way, when he finished Law and Business, he had two new passions in addition to History. He began to make a living as an account executive in an advertising agency, which back then was more like direct marketing.

There, he developed a passion for the advertising world, met unforgettable people who have been with him since, and honed a peculiar skill with PowerPoint. At DraftWorldwide, PublicisDialog, and ARS, he enjoyed creating campaigns for medium, large, and small brands. As he enjoys sharing and teaching, he tells advertising stories as a marketing professor. And for the past few years, he’s happier than ever because, like his beloved Corto Maltese, he has just carved his own path of luck in his hand in the form of an advertising agency.