Account and stories painter

Eva once dabbled in the world of painting, which made her hesitate between studying art and advertising. What a dilemma! Dive into the art of the Middle Ages, the Impressionists, the Renaissance… or delve into market analysis, briefings, and marketing plans. In the end, advertising art won.

Since then, she has not only become an expert in marketing and advertising campaigns but also specializes in energizing the entire agency. If you want to say goodbye to your bikini diet, just come closer… Eva will provide you with the sweets!

A great craft specialist, she is known among parent associations for creating the best costumes for the little ones in the family. And who knows, maybe we aren’t looking at the next Frida Kahlo, but it’s clear she has a gift, and paraphrasing Van Gogh himself, Eva dreams her paintings and then paints a dream.