Mom, I wanna be an artist

Judith, or Jud in casual terms, was born an artist and loves taking center stage. She’s straightforward and prefers her chocolate thick (if it can be with milk, even better). From a young age, she knew she wanted to be an actress or a TV presenter. That’s why she studied both Journalism and Dramatic Arts. Time is precious to her, as a true Capricorn. Her first internship was as a culture writer for the news at Telecinco, and shortly after, she moved to London when the economic crisis of 2008 hit.

She does photography, stand-up comedy, dances, sings… You could say she’s a jack-of-all-trades. Built for a liquid and fully Darwinian society. In her mind, she has a GPS that can take her anywhere in the world without hesitation. Because she loves traveling, both physically to countries and mentally in her thoughts. She’s not scatterbrained, but she is imaginative. Like when she went to New York for an internship at an events agency. It began as a pure fantasy and ended up becoming pure fantasy. That’s why she loves her job. For her, producing and executing an idea is about turning dreams into reality.

At B&B, she started as an account executive in PR, but her desire to dive deeper took over. Currently, she’s a supervisor of accounts and production for the Pernod Ricard account. And in the meantime, she tells jokes, hums songs, and encourages her colleagues to go to karaoke nights and snap photos of them. She wants everyone to feel like artists and stars.