Two lifes and one destiny

A warrior with superpowers. With a before and an after. Capable of working for yesterday, turning the day around, spreading happiness from 3:30 to 4:30 from Monday to Friday (and full-time on weekends) and talking to the universe. And with the rest of the world because she talks a lot.

A native of Madrid from a neighborhood where you went for military service, post office, or TVE (Spanish national television). And she went to TVE, like her father. She started as an audience host, moved on to assistant directing, and ended up in production. Timing things, with a master’s degree in patience, and speaking concisely.

But one day came after her before. And she reinvented herself. She enrolled in courses on smiling, breathing, reiki, grains of sand, and precise words. She became a student, an assistant, and a coach. She says she came into the world to tickle it. And she must be right because ever since she’s been here, thanks to a conversation with the universe, she makes us smile every day.