If you're not good with languages, ask her!

Arancha is from Boñar, a town in León. But we could say she’s from everywhere. This world citizen studied Advertising and Public Relations in Madrid, went on Erasmus to Milan, and made a life for herself in London.

She returned to Spain because she missed “cecina” (a type of cured meat), and fate, being as whimsical as it is, had her meet some of her current B&B colleagues during her internship at the ARS agency. But it had been a while since she entered a Duty Free, so she packed her bags again to live in two more cities: Lisbon and Amsterdam. Something tells us she loves to travel, experience other cultures, and learn languages. Sometimes she speaks in Spanish, dreams in Portuguese, and thinks in English. Or was it the other way around? She also loves eating sushi, reading children’s stories, and like anyone who has been to the capital of the Netherlands, she adores cycling. We could say life is on (two) wheels for her.

And after so many check-ins, what brought her here? Our most international colleague continues to practice languages while working for OPPO Portugal. And for us, we hope she stays forever.