This girl always looks so cute

I was born in Madrid but have a Cordoban heart. I live in Aranjuez and have a little Prague Ratter named Boston (though it would have been cool if he were named Prague).

I’m a bit of a witchy woman. I truly believe in energies, horoscopes, and good vibes. A full-blown Scorpio, deeply emotional and noble. I can read tarot cards, and although I haven’t read them for everyone yet, I hope to predict a future full of big projects. For now, I think I do transmit all the good vibes in the world.

My favorite food is lentils; I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So if you get mad at me, don’t say, ‘It’s either this or nothing.’ I’ve recently taken up boxing, and I’m fascinated by the fashion world. It’s no wonder because I always look stylish!

I studied Advertising and Public Relations in Madrid and have since worked for clients like Sephora, Apodemia, Tommy Hilfiger, Cluse, and Hugo Boss Watches. Clearly, my thing is style and keeping time. Now, I’m part of the PR department for Pernod Ricard, working hard and enjoying occasional events.