A "fille" with musical history

Susana, or Chantal, or Susana Chantal. That’s the name of our executive of French origin on her mother’s side, although we’re not sure if we believe it because we’re still waiting for the croissants. She was born in Móstoles, lives in Alcorcón, and goes out in the city center. If you have questions about the commuter trains, ask her.

Her hobbies include DJing music and running. And her goal for this year is to run 10 km, but don’t they all say that… She’s a fan of even numbers, Barcelona, festivals, and sunsets. So, her perfect plan would be a techno festival in Barna on an even day where she can watch the sunset.

She studied Advertising and Public Relations at URJC, but she has a psychologist inside her. Which is great for handling deadlines. Despite being one of the youngest in the team, she has already worked at agencies like Pelonio, Ogilvy, and DoubleYou, and worked for clients like Heineken, Anís del Mono, DYC, and Samsung EGO. Now she’s with us working closely with OPPO and Pernod Ricard.

Espero que esta traducción te sea útil. ¡Déjame saber si necesitas algo más!