Alejandra Bustamante

Art Director

I have enough with my art

On a December Sunday dawn that wasn’t too cold in Lima, Peru, Alejandra Nicole Bustamante Cárdenas was born. Anyone daring enough to call her by her second name will incur the Great Inca Curse, so it’s better to just call her Ale.

Her life revolves around art in all its forms: music, painting, sculpture… As a child, she spent time doing crafts and drawing. She loves cinema, not just for its storytelling, but also for the aesthetics and sensations conveyed through art direction and photography.

She doesn’t just design advertisements and give them an aesthetic touch; she also redesigns clothing, is a painter, and enjoys the musical art of dancing in clubs, especially when there’s an open bar or a ladies’ night.

She views life through the lens of aesthetics and enjoyment (as a true Latina).