Teruel exists

And Eva is its greatest representative. Proud of her roots, she studied Fine Arts there, but like a true restless spirit, she packed a small suitcase and spent a year in Seville on a Seneca Scholarship. From there, she took a train to Madrid (because she couldn’t find a Blablacar), and since then, her heart has been torn between her homeland and the Malasaña neighborhood.

She loves animals but from a distance because she’s allergic to them.

She likes black (but not its moodiness), pastel shades, and iridescence; geometric shapes and perfect proportions fascinate her, which gives her a bit of OCD when agency paintings are slightly crooked.

She loves designing, illustrating, animating… She started by creating murals in senior residences, then became a designer and animator for a vegan handbag company in Seville, and in Madrid, she began her journey in the advertising world for clients like Acciona, Sony, and Llaollao.

If she were a music style, she’d be techno. If she were an audiovisual genre, she’d be independent film. And if she were a food, she’d be cheese (although she’s lactose intolerant), but anyone who doesn’t like cheese can’t be trusted, and our Eva is very, very kind-hearted.