All roads lead to Alice

Accountant, manager, treasurer, lifesaver, and last-minute firefighter. She was born in a town called La Hija de Dios, which inherently gives you some superpowers. In Madrid, the La Movida cultural movement caught her between concerts and psychology lessons. Just as she was about to pass the exams for a stable and boring life, she became an entrepreneur and set up an academy for civil servants leading a stable and dull life.

Curious, active, versatile, tireless, positive (very positive), this strong-willed woman traveled many paths before arriving at the gates of advertising. First at Ars and now here. Every week she saves the world, hers and ours, but on Sundays, this superheroine wanders through the narrow streets of old Madrid, accompanied by Delibes, Rododera, or Galdós, losing hours and gaining time. Her time.